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Our History

King David School is founded on Jesus Love – not what we give that makes us unique, but the way we give it. Welcome to our site, in life it’s not the strongest who usually wins but those who want it the most. Do you want the best for your child? Where do you want your child to be? What must parent do to help? These are important questions we should answer.
King David School is a place where your child will learn, grow and excel. Here children will genuinely engaged in learning, resulting in happy independent, confidence and individual learners. We pride in providing quality education with modern facilities and services in a warm and nurturing environment. Experience make people choose the right school that fit a child’s need. Which is an important decision and KDS will strive to meet the expectation of every family we serve. Please take note that the destiny of a child depends upon the most trivial of your decisions – ‘’the moment makes the man’’
In vain you build the city, if you do not first build the man. This underline the importance or relevance of quality education to the fully brought up person which is indeed greater than a city he could build. Our team of teacher are committed to providing quality learning experience with an appropriate, broad and balance curriculum, which is based on an effective and efficient learning methodology. Let your child come to King David School where we are committed to looking at the content rather than container. The choice of Mowe is divine and good for learning. Be sure you are taking the advantage to give your child the best.
Early education years are the most productive of a child’s life and we challenge our pupils to excel in ways that fit their own unique development. Through guide, the critical first steps which lead to a lifelong enthusiasm for learning. King David School will teach the skills necessary for future academic success. We will engage each child’s individual learning style by enhancing their day to day experiences. Our programs provides children with the learning blocks of knowledge, thinking and reasoning. By incorporating age skill into content area and progressively increase the level of difficulty as children master each set of skill. We believe that the cooperation between parents and teachers in reinforcing common goal, hopes, and caring is an unbeatable combination.
Together we can help to enhance the quality of your child’s education in an organized social learning situation. We believed that solid foundation includes a learning about character and the environment. King David School reinforces the belief that education promotes responsibility and develops good character formation. We beliefs that children are entitled to the best start in life and hope that by working together, we ensure our children time with us is a rich rewarding and stimulating experience in an environment full of fun and excitement.
We have a supportive environment that build an intellectual knowledge which enables the child to meet situation which will help to learn to cope with everyday challenges, build confidence, learn responsibility and have positive interpersonal relationships. King David School is unique and dynamic, the only way to experience our uniqueness is to come for a visit.

Our History

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Please take note that the destiny of a child depends upon the most trivial of your decisions – ‘’the moment makes the man’’ In vain you build the city, if you do not first build the man.


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